Welcome to Fill, MD! This blog about nutrition and medicine is authored by a young board certified Internal Medicine physician who is currently in training to become a board certified Endocrinologist. In general, Internal Medicine physicians are experts in medications, chronic medical conditions, and most importantly, people. Fill, MD is an avid believer that many common medical conditions can be reversed through a healthy lifestyle, mainly through proper nutrition. However, most people don’t pursue healthy nutrition for two reasons.

#1: People are inundated with misinformation about nutrition. They may look to medical providers for advice, but most medical providers aren’t given substantial training to help people know what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t. Even if a medical provider does know a lot about nutrition, they may not have enough time to counsel the patient properly. Ultimately, people look to the internet, self help books, and friends for guidance. Unfortunately, many of these resources are not reliable.

#2: Even if people do learn about healthy nutrition and can find the right foods at their grocer, many don’t know how to cook using healthy foods because it’s not an established part of our culture.

Fill, M.D. is not an expert of all things nutrition, but he does have the educational background to distinguish misinformation from accurate medical information. And he has the passion to find a way to incorporate healthy foods into our everyday eating. These blog posts are a combination of storytelling, teaching and specific food recommendations. He welcomes any and all feedback and critique. This is a journey for himself and his readers.